Weird food to try in Dublin

Are you an adventurous foodie? Have you ate your way thought fried scorpions in Khao San Road, friend tarantulas in Cambodia and snake in Vietnam? If yes, it is very likely that Irish food will not be all that adventurous for you, but there are still weird things you should try! While Ireland is known for amazing produce, like creamy butter, flavorsome beef and fresh seafood, there is also pig trotters and blood sausages you can sample!

Weird food to try in Dublin:

Black Pudding

People find this very weird – it is essentially a blood sausage, but give it a try, as it is delicious! You will find it most of the shops if you wanted to fry it up yourself, but in general, a lot of places would serve it as part of the traditional full Irish breakfast. You may also see drisheen on menus (Cork black pudding with cows, sheep or pig’s blood), if you do, give it a try!


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Pig Trotters

Also known as Crubeens can be found on some menus in Dublin. If you wanted to do your own version, this is a good recipe to try (or go for whole crispy trotters as per recipe here). Le Bon Crubeen actually serves crubeen as part of their menu, so make sure to give it a go if you wanted to try something little bit different!

Bone Marrow

Another menu item that is often overlooked, but gives amazing meatiness to the dishes! You can try it baked in FXB in Temple Bar (recommended for awesome beef in any case). While you are there, try lamb kidneys as well, just for the craic!

Crisp Sandwich

Certainly not weird as eating pig trotters, but most definitely very Irish! You can make this yourself easily – you need two slices of thick white toast, slashing of butter and a bag of crisps (Tayto or Hunky Dorys, choice is yours). Slosh butter over your toast, fill it with crisps and enjoy! Yes, seriously, this is food we eat here! You could also make a chip butty, where you replace crisps for actually baked chips and enjoy!


Pancake but with potatoes! Is’s delicious! There is a Boxty House just aorund the corner from us in Temple Bar, as we wholeheartedly recommend you give this a try!


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You may see this on menus of different restaurants around Dublin. While coddle won’t win any beauty awards, it is delicious, warming stew of bacon, potatoes, onion and sausage. Good few places around the town do it, but go to The Woollen Mills for the river view

Spice bags

Space bag will be your friend! Perfectly enjoyed after a night out in a pub, spice bag is a mixture of crispy chicken or chicken balls, with chips, and a blend of spices in a bag. It is fairly new phenomenon, but oh my, amazing one! Order it from a chipper at 3am when you are on way back home. Nothing is better than spice bag in the middle of the night!


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Guinness Everything!

Guinness Stew, Guinness cake, Guinness BBQ sauce, Guinness crisps, Guinness fudge, Guinness chocolate, Guinness truffles, Guinness ice cream, Guinness bread, Guinness marmalade, Guinness fudge… Guinness everything!

Chicken Fillet Roll

Humble chicken roll deserves a mention because it is such an quintessential Irish dish! Spicy or Plain, butter or mayo. Which salad you want with that? Get it in Spar or Centra just around the corner from us – you will be in the good company, most of the people in shop during lunch time are getting the same thing as well!



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Some of these foods may not be really weird, but are definitely not food you can get in a lot of other places in the world. Like, have you ever heard of crisp sandwich? See! Make sure to ask at reception for weird food to try in Dublin next time you are staying with us here in Barnacles Temple Bar hostel.