Vegan Restaurants Galway

There has been little food revolution happening in Ireland in the past few years, and as a result we have an amazing variety of locally produced food available in increasing number of places.  The journey from farm to your plate in Ireland is very short, so make sure to taste some of the freshest dishes Ireland has to offer. There are few places we would recommend for vegetarians and vegans alike, and you can find good options for both in few other restaurants as well. But, if you are looking for Vegan dishes in Galway, this is the list of places to visit if you are looking for Vegan restaurants Galway

This isn’t all of course… You can check out some of the Vegan tours around Galway here which is a great way to explore Galway while munching on deliciousness along the way!

The Lighthouse Cafe

The Light House is a cosy café offering fresh home-cooked vegetarian and vegan food, predominately gluten free. This place is heaven for vegetarians and vegans, with a great menu, relaxed feel, and if you are lucky, outside seating area for those amazing sunny days! Visit for the healthy meal, stay for tea and relaxing afternoon.

Temple Cafe

You should visit this place if you want to nourish your body and do good for a local community. This is a social cafe, working with charities that get profits on the end of the year (read great interview with owner here). Try some of their smoothies or roughies (NOM!), enjoy porridge, salads, sandwiches and more. They have a great vegetarian selection with plenty of vegan choices. This is a cosy place you will keep coming back to!

Food 4 thought

Small place that is ideal if you are looking to pick up some vegan or vegetarian treats as finding a seat might be difficult. They have a great notice board with events happening around the town so if you want to plan your toga sessions over coffee, this may be the place!

Curry in Ireland, who wudda thunk. Vegan, too!

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TGO Falafel Bar

“Vegetarian and vegan food prepared with ethics and care”. What started as a food truck on St Nichaolas Market, has grown into a great business, perfect for vegans and vegetarians looking for a little treat! They source food locally and organically and are just the soundest people around. Go and have a falafel!