Valentines in Galway

With some of the most stunning scenery in Ireland, Galway is the perfect place for your Valentines Getaway.  Ok, these are our suggestions and date ideas for the best Valentines in Galway this year! 

Go for a walk

Hold the hand of your loved one as you walk the top of the cliff! Amazing views, perfect backdrop for whispering sweet nothings to each-other as well as cold February breeze, perfect for squeezing each other tightly, makes this THE romantic destination in Galway. If you are looking for something a bit more local, and don’t want take the tour to your date, go for a lovely walk on Salthill. You will get both views and (possibly) cold breeze – it might be too cold for mandatory ice cream on the end of the wall, but we are sure replacing it with hot chocolate will be just as nice!

galway date

Have an afternoon tea

No, seriously! There is something about chilling in front of the fire and eating trays of cakes and sipping on tea that just spells relaxation. And gives you that fuzzy feeling all over. There are few good ones in Galway – quite a few hotels do them. For uber luxurious afternoon tea go with The g hotel  (warning: it will likely cost more than your hostel booking) or try more down to earth afternoon tea in The Harbour. You will most likely need to book these ahead. 

Afternoon Tea



We all know what oysters can do, and perhaps today is the day you decide to have few with your pint! At least you are in one of the best places in Ireland for oysters, so go ahead and indulge. We love them with Tabasco and horseradish sauce, but you can spice them any way you like it! 

galway oysters

People-watching over a drink or two

Pick the corner of the pub where you can focus on your loved one, sample some of the local craft beers and enjoy cozy conversation. This link has some good ideas. Believe us, when in doubt, nice pub is the way to go. How Irish 🙂

couple in pub

Cook up a storm in the Cooking Class

Learn more about superior Irish produce and feed each other your master pieces afterwards. How romantic! Check out Aniar Restaurant for their cooking classes and workshops and eat your way to your loved ones heart!

cooking school

We hope you have wonderful Valentines in Galway! There is much more to explore – why not go to Connemara, go trekking, have fun at the dogs or go karting? Your loved one will be blown away by your creativity! And remember, if you are un-attached, hostels are the best places to meet new, interesting, well traveled adventures people such as yourself! See you in Barnacles Galway this Valentines!