Useful websites when planning a trip to Ireland

Booking flights is easy… making sure you get the most out of your time in Ireland, get the best value and have experiences off the beaten trail is less so. So, let us help you a bit with some websites that are useful for planning your trip over. 

Dublin Airport –  You will most likely be arriving to Dublin, so having some info about the airport might be good start. For directions to Temple Bar hostel, head to our directions page 

To get to grips with what to do in Dublin, check out Visit Dublin – official tourism website with events listings, cultural attractions,  itinerary suggestions and much much more. LovinDublin is good when it comes to food recommendations (search for best brunch, best steak, best healthy lunch etc to get the idea) and Visit Temple Bar covers everything happening just around our hostel, in quirky Temple Bar area itself. Also, don’t forget to read up our blog about recommendations from our staff – they live here after all and know how to spot a good deal.


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For Galway, check out This is Galway as well as The Latin Quarter (lovely area of Galway where we are located as well). 

When visiting, we would suggest going for a free walking tour to begin with as you will learn a lot but also get great orientation of the city. And its free. And in both Dublin & Galway!  Also, talk to receptionists, that will get you best recommendations on events, restaurants and much more! 

When it comes to tours, our reception will be able to book them for you at the desk, or you can pre-book tours before arrival. There is plenty of companies out there, to start off check out Galway Tour Company or Wild Rover from Dublin. Transport between Dublin and Galway is best on one of the private buses – CityLink or Gobus will get you there in no time. 

You know how we like to travel? Have one or two main things we absolutely want to see or do, and then just wing it on the other things based on what our dorm friends think are good ideas or what receptionists recommend. You may have specific things you want to see, you may just want to chill out, or have the day just like a local person would… Talking to people you meet in hostel will enhance this so much more! 

Not sure how to make friends in the hostel? Go on a pub crawl one of the evenings – they are done every night in both Dublin & Galway. You will have amazing time, guaranteed! Like, how can you NOT become friends after beer pong? We also run free pasta Mondays in Dublin hostel, which is another great way to meet other people in hostel and start chatting to them. Easy! 

Good page for food discounts is The Taste and if all else fails, just ask for student discount and see what happens 🙂

Let us know if you have any questions about your trip to Ireland, we would be happy to help!