Trip Planner

If you are not sure of what to in Ireland, what attractions are perfect for you or if you are looking to discover some of the less-known places on a road trip, we have a perfect tool for you!

Have a look at our Trip Planner – it will give you great ideas for Ireland, or worldwide really 🙂 it is free to use and we have even put in some suggested itineraries around Ireland there for you!

Have a look and have fun with planning your next adventure!

May we suggest you start with reviewing our suggested  5 day itinerary in Ireland?

We have included some of the most famous landmarks in Dublin, like Dublin Castle, Kilmainham Gaol, Jameson Distillery as well as Galway’s unmissable Quay Street and Salhill Prom! Go on, have a look and plan your next trip with our Trip Planner

dublin castle

Kilmainham Gaol

Jameson DIstillery

Salthill Galway

Quay street galway


Happy trip planning!