Why travelling sucks

1 – Travelling

Unless you are one of the lucky (weird) ones who likes hanging around the airports, waiting in a Q for tickets, running to catch a train, being squashed in buses or having a roller-coaster of a ride on a boat, we feel you! The worst thing about travelling, is travelling itself. Long journeys to get from one place to another. Uncomfortable seats. Delays. It is not a nice thing to put yourself through… but getting there is SOOOOO worth it! Oh, and remember, distance between Dublin and Galway is only 2.5 hrs, and buses eve have WiFi!


2 – Same conversations

If you are on the road for a while, you will get to have exactly the same conversations with every person you meet. Where are you from? Where have you been? Where are you going? It gets boring very fast! Our suggestion – come up with better questions 🙂 Like, what is the best beer you tried, or the last great book you read or even best hike you had so far will all get far better conversations started. There, thank us later!

3 – Quick friends

You can be the best of friends with someone you just met, have a great conversations, go out together…. and tomorrow they might be gone. It is just reality of travelling – some stories sometimes are left unfinished. You might spend weeks with some friends… and then have to say goodbye. Make sure to use the world of social networking to connect with your new friends, and maybe some time down the road, you may meet again…

IMG_4251 (1)

4 – Quick love

Very hard when constantly moving and living in dorm beds. It is easy to start relationship and then one of you goes different way and is over, with no real closure, as you both knew that it can only last for few days… it sucks. Refer to our article about how to be a good backpacker and etiquette of having sex in dorms (hint: Don’t!)

5 – Missing people

You end up missing friends, lovers, places, cities, everything you have seen so far, instead of looking forward to all the good that travelling is going to bring your way! It is hard to move on after goodbye, but you can relish in the knowledge that you will meet more people and have more great times… and yes, there will be even more goodbyes.

love you

6 – Cleanliness perception changes

If you are travelling for an extended time period, your perception of what constitutes as clean clothes, will change rapidly! At some stage, you will go through your backpack, find lightly worn underwear and feel like you just won jackpot. Seriously. On the other hand, laundry service is available in the most of hostels, maybe use that more often? We do your laundry for €7 per bag… and those undies will be CLEAN!

Open washing machine in a public laundromat

7 – Sleeping becomes a luxury

Not because you are sharing dorm with other people, but because travelling is all about excitement, going out, having fun and well, you can sleep when you are dead! Otherwise, you are lightweight and all your friends are having fun while you are not! Somehow getting up early to grab free breakfast, and free walking tour changes into great afternoon in the pub with new friends and then even pub crawl, to get the full Irish experience! Next thing you know its 5am and you are trying very hard not to make any noise getting in your dorm. Best thing about this – you are not the last one coming back either! Next day, you will absolutely do it all over again, because, well, that’s what life is all about, right? Power tip – sleeping mask and ear plugs do wonders, always carry them with you!

8 – Everyone at home hates you

Well, not hate you, but definitely harbour feelings of jealousy towards your awesome life, places you have seen and the adventures you had. They might want to slap you, but really, they are envious / excited of you doing all those awesome things when they are not.

u are alive

In spite of all this, you will just need to do it all over again…

When you eventually come back home after longer trip away, the only though on your mind will be “When can I go again”! There is no cure for itchy feet, so we are sure you will forget all about people you are missing, stories left untold, and hassle you might have had on the road, and bravely go into a new adventure… because, that is what the life is all about, isn’t it? Daring adventure or nothing!