Travel Bloggers

If you are travel blogger looking to travel to Ireland and stay in Barnacles hostel, we have a deal for you! We will be happy to give you comped beds in our dorms (subject to availability, of course!) in exchange for mention on your blog! Moreover, we will re-blog, re-tweet, re-gram, re-post and re-everything you post! We have fairly large audience on our social channels, huge mailing list, and very busy website, and are happy to do business with travel bloggers who are into hostels, budget traveling and travel in general! Your audience doesn’t have to be English speaking or huge, as long as there is good match!

Interested? Read on!

What we need from you to start?

  • Press pack with website traffic data, demographic data and social media reach
  • Desired dates of stay in Dublin
  • What do you propose as cooperation?
  • Send all this to marketing@barnacles.ie

What happens next?

  • We will evaluate if your audience is match for our business
  • We will check if we have availability for you
  • If both of these are OK, we will offer free (or discounted) stay in Dublin. We evaluate this on case by case basis – there is only so many beds we can offer free of charge every month

Keep in mind…

  • We will take your credit card details and charge for the stay if our agreement was not adhered to (i.e. we agree to get mention on your blog and that doesn’t happen within 30 days post stay)

We had some awesome travel bloggers staying with us over the years, and we still keep in touch! So if you are coming over and want to blog about us, let us know!