St Patricks Day

What can you expect out of St Patrick’s Day in Ireland?

Parade! St Patrick’s Day Parade is the biggest parade in Ireland, and defo worth the visit! Millions of people worldwide are watching it on their TV’s, imagine how great it is to actually be here for it! More info on the official page

st patricks parade

Guinness! Guinness sales soar on St. Patrick’s Day. Recent figures show that 5.5 million pints of the black stuff are downed around the world every day. On St. Patrick’s Day that figure is doubled.


Green! Even though originally St Patrick’s Color was blue, it’s all about green now! You are not only allowed, but encouraged to dress up in green and enjoy festivities!

st patricks kids

Global Greening! While all big landmarks go green around the world, so do all major ones in Ireland as well! It is awesome walking through the city and seeing everything in green!

Greening of St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin for St. Patrick's Fe

Temple Bar is party central! Not that it is not party place rest of the year, but trust us, it is really special for St Patrick’s Day!

st patricks day

The craic!

It was certainly a lot of fun in our hostels! Have a look at our galleries here & here!

st patricks day in Dublin

See  you for St Patrick’s Day!