Skydive in Ireland

“You gonna love it! There is no feeling like it” says a friend who skydived in New Zealand. I am at the BBQ party, talking to my friends about how I won tandem skydive from Irish Wingsuit Team on their recent Facebook competition and I am off tomorrow to do the jump. They are jealous.  I am calm but nervous. I don’t like heights, you see.  But I will try pretty much anything, like, what’s the worst that could happen, right?

“You gonna love it” they conclude in the excited agreement, while I decide not to think about it until tomorrow.


IWT Free Tandem GiveawayHere is the video from the free tandem skydive we gave away earlier this summer. A big congratulations to Lidija on a great job, she was so cool and we had so much fun on this jump. A huge thanks to Aer Lingus, The Irish Parachute Club (Skydive IPC) and all who took part in the jump… Have a watch of this video to see what you could win when we run our next competition

Posted by Irish Wingsuit Team on Monday, 21 September 2015

Click to see video of skydive jump

Next morning, my friend picks me up. He is one of those people who thinks they need to prove themselves to be fearless, so when I said I am going skydiving he assumed I am calling him a woos and decided to go with me. This is brilliant already.

Parachute Club is around an hour drive from city center Dublin (or you can take train & get someone from the club to pick you up at the closest train station. Or just find the facebook group for carpooling – these people are sound!), has restaurant with nice comport food and you can see a lot of small planes landing and taking off, which is also actually really cool.

The weather wasn’t the best – it’s very cloudy and my tandem jump instructor says that we will be delayed, but just to wait for weather to clear. They are sure it will clear at some stage. Have a cup of tea and relax, they suggest.

I have better ideas! Like, checking out the wing- suits they wear for the competitions (batman!!!!) and getting into Maverick style onesie. And harness. This is happening people; we just have to wait for a bit! A bit turned into few hours, but its all right! It was absolutely fantastic to see how everyone got crazy busy the moment we all got clear to fly!

People got strapped in their harnesses, instructors did all the checks they needed, we all got split into groups, went over flight plans, and OMG! THIS WAS ACTUALLY HAPPENING!

Did I mention I am not the best with heights???

My friends went in the 2nd load, while I was going in the last one that day, with the bunch of professional skydivers with cameras (after all, I won this, so I get to get a video of it!).

Did I mention I am not the best with heights?

OK, so we climbed up in the tiny airplane like a pack of sardines and fly up to 13000 feet (I checked later and it was nearly 4 kilometers!!!)  and yeah… time to jump out. I can’t say I did anything myself there really, my instructor jumped out I was just screaming.

I have never screamed this hard in my entire life. BUT, few seconds in, I think, your brain sort of registers that there is nothing you can do about this and you actually realize you are flying and its awesome! Like, AMAZING awesome! Flying!

10690337_1640107306273236_769229874270138206_n irish parachute club

OMG! We were flying!

It was one of the best experiences of my life. Seriously.


Have you tried skydiving yourself? No? You should!

You can do it on several places in Ireland, closest one to us in Dublin is Irish Parachute Club, and you just have to hope you have good weather. Guys were awesome, very professional, and I never ever felt like I am going to die. Seriously. I actually felt safe flying up in the air at 4km height…  you should totally do this!

So, Lidija, or marketing exec,  won this amazing award on a private competition on Irish Wingsuit Team Facebook page, but we at Barnacles thought some of you travelers would enjoy this story and maybe do the same when in Ireland, so here you go! Tweet us or facebook and we will give you more info if needed.