Scuba Diving Galway

Jacques Cousteau: “Some of the best diving in the world is at the northern side of the Dingle Peninsula where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Brandon Mountains in a landscape of exceptional beauty.”

National Geographic journalist Jennifer S Holland was as impressed as Cousteau: “I’m floored by anemones that gleam as pink as bubble gum, as green as a lime snow cone, so orange I can almost taste the juicy pulp.”


Did you know that there are over 10 000 vessels sunk around Irish coast in the past hundred years? Where else would you have the choice of diving a scuttled U-boat, a mined WWI battleship or a sunken bulk carrier, which is the largest wreck by tonnage in the world?

Take a deep breath…

Diving in Galway,  you will have the opportunity to explore Galway Bay, The River Corrib and the vast Lough Corrib Lakes with its numerous diving opportunities for visitors to Galway. Try Nightdives, Shoredives, Boatdiving, Cavediving and Driftdiving for something new!

With diving companies in Galway, you can try a dive or go for the full blown PADI certificate, so make your Galway holiday an adventure holiday and discover secrets under the sea! Scuba Diving Galway is the perfect activity for anything interested in learning more about the sea and seeing what is hiding beneath the Wild Atlantic Way.

Get in touch with these companies if you wanna try Scuba Diving Galway:

Galway Sub Aqua Club

Scuba Dive West

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