Salthill Galway backpackers guide

Salthill is undoubtedly the nicest are in Galway to go and have a walk. Barnacles Galway hostel is located on the top of Quay street, and is therefore the closest hostel to Salthill area, and Wild Atlantic Way discovery points. You can easily walk from our hostel in Galway to Salthill and experience its magic and majesty.

Few of our favourite things to do in Salthill:

Jump of the Blackrock Diving Tower

Blackrock diving tower has platforms on several levels. Top level is designated for “fearless kids”, “mad backpackers” or “experts” so go for it only if you feel you fir the bill. Otherwise, just chill while watching mad ones taking the plunge from the top. This is year round attraction! We suggest you check when the tide is high before jumping through.

Blackrock Tower


The Prom

Walking down the Salthill Prom is by far the favourite pastime for Galwegians, so you should join them and see what the big deal is all about. Around 30 minute walk down the Prom you will get to the place where you “kick the wall”, signalling you have completed the walk. You can turn around and walk back then. It is absolutely stunning walk with grand vistas opening before you as you make your way down the Prom. Ice cream will complete the experience (or so we are told:)


Since you are already enjoying the walk down, why not take a plunge and go for kayaking, windsurfing or some stand up paddleboarding? Our buddies at Rusheen Bay have some cool deals you can avail of, including discount you get when staying with us 🙂

Except of having awesome scenery, host of water activities and ice cream, Salthill has some excellent pubs, traditional Irish food places and even casino! On a hot sunny day, all you need is a towel and flip flops for the complete backpacker happiness on Salthill Prom 🙂