Places to visit in Galway

This is your must see list of Places to Visit in Galway!

Spanish arch
One of the top places to visit in Galway, and only a minute from Barnacles Galway hostel is Spanish arch, constructed in 1584, and originally called called Ceann an Bhalla (the head of the wall). It was originally constructed for the protection of the quays. It is a lovely place to head for a walk, or just to chill around next to the river, watch swans, boats and enjoy those lovely sunny days.

Spainsh Arch Near Barnacles Hostel Galway

Galway City Museum
Located behind the Spanish Arch, this is a lovely museum to visit if you are interested about the history of Galway, especially folklife. The museum began as a collection of medieval stones acquired by artist Claire Sheridan of Comerford House and, over the years expanded to include general folk life, industrial and militia objects.

Galway-Galway City Museum

Salthill promenade
Better known as The Prom is lovely walking area stretching 2km along the Salthill seaside area of Galway. This is the perfect place to head down to during the heat weaves, walk down the prom, see if you are brave enough to jump from the Blackrock tower, have some ice cream and just chill out with the locals. Trust us, on a sunny day; we all love to go to Salthill!


Galway Atlantaquaria
Ireland’s largest Native Aquarium, located along the Salthill Promenade. This is must-see for all fish lovers! See Dogfish, crab, turbot, starfish, triggerfish and more!


Galway Bay
Galway Bay is famous for its unique traditional sailing craft, the Galway Hooker. It has also been mentioned in many songs, among others in the very popular Galway Girl by Mundy & Sharon Shannon

Galway Cathedral
Certainly one to go and have a look at, as it is one of the largest and most impressive buildings in the city.


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St. Nicholas’ Collegiate Church
It was founded in 1320 and dedicated to Saint Nicholas of Myra, the patron saint of seafarers, in recognition of Galway’s status as a port. It is located only a minute from the hostel and is a place to go for a lovely farmer markets happening on the weekends.