Our Rosta “the Trucker” is growing his mo for Movember. This is how that looks like:

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If you feel generous and want to donate to charity, you can do so here: http://ie.movember.com/mospace/5912653 


Our own awesome Genna Patterson had this to say about Movember:

Hairy moments as menfolk grow wild for charity

So the menfolk have once again taken up the honourable cause of raising awareness and much-needed funds for testicular cancer, by donning ridiculous facial hair.

All month, and especially towards the end (when those with minimal hair growth come into their own), we will see the monstrous and inventive ronnies take over the faces of the men in our lives. Some think the more ridiculous the better … some of us ladies say no, no no.

For when we are out and about the town and we see such hairy beasts, we are forced to wonder; is this a Movember or is he just a dodgy bloke with a nasty moustache choice? It’s not always appropriate to ask either. Given that the Movember’s very purpose is to look entirely silly (if not an excuse for men to see what they’ll look like with a Colonel Custer or a Tom Selleck), if you do ask if he is sporting a Movember, then by default you are asking, “Are you aware you look ridiculous?”

Take the similarly embarrassing situation of asking an overweight woman when she is due her baby … cue her look of horror and your embarrassment as she tells you she isn’t pregnant. Awkward moments of the universe, unite. Where is the swallowing ground when you need it?

For those ladies already dating a man who has decided to grow a Mo, this month is one you may nearly need to avoid all social interactions with him, most certainly anywhere photos will be taken. Getting tagged on Facebook with the weird hairy fella beside you will surely only rob you of street cred, unless you do so in a, “I bagged a Mo pose” (point at said Mo and add optional thumbs-up).

If you are at a crucial stage in your relationship whereby familyintroductions should be made this month, be sure to warn your family that the Mo is for charity reasons and not his preferred look, unless you want them to wonder if you watched too many ’70s American TV shows as a child.

On the other hand, the ladies could show their own level of support for all things manly and cancer awareness-raising. While the men of the country bravely aim to look ridiculous joining up their few upper lip hairs for the good cause, us ladies could also sacrifice our beauty and grooming in solidarity. What about growing out our eyebrows in an effort to support our brothers with Browvember? Or leave the leg hairs long in Legtember?

Not to be a kill joy but it doesn’t quite work in reverse. While the ladies will laugh as the Mo takes over the face and sometimes the personality of their man, somehow I don’t see the men folk reacting quite so well. Yes, we may roll our eyes as the 30 days roll in, but we secretly smile with pride that he will risk social mockery to help a worthy cause.

Well done guys, and good luck with those Mos.