Meet Barnacles Staff – Plinny

Name: Plinia Tangianu
Where are you from: Italy
Hobbies: Singing

Favourite country you have visited:
I traveled a lot but I thing I should say Sardinia, in Italy.

Why is it your favourite?
It is my Island but also has amazing nature, breath-taking sea, great food and of course friendly people. If you are looking for a warm place in the winter, this is the place to be! In the summer is just fantastic too!

If someone else is travelling there, what should they see?
I suggest to rent a car and go around. In the centre of the island mountains are perfect for hiking. The highest is almost 2000mt and it has 2 slopes where you can go skiing in the winter. The beaches are all different and voted among the best in the world. The coast can vary from white sand beaches (La Pelosa) to pebbles (Cala Goloritze) to high cliffs (in Ogliastra and on South Sardinia) – you will certainly find something you will like. Sardinia has an ancient history, so make sure to plan a visit to some archaeological spots like “Giganti di Mont’e Prama” (mysterious ancient stone Sculptures from Iron Age) and the “Nuraghes” (ancient megalithic construction). Don’t leave the island without tasting my favourite food: “Culurgiones” (Sardinian ravioli) and “Sebadas” (sweet fried ravioli with cheese and honey)

Dream destination you would like to visit next? Why?
Australia! I went once few years ago and I would like to go back to see The Great Barrier Reef again. Also, I want to visit The Rain Forest, The Sydney Opera House and do a boat trip to see the whales. It was so amazing last time, even life-changing! 


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Your favourite bar /pub in Dublin? Why?
There are more than 700 pubs in Dublin and are all different… I cannot pick only one! 😊
As I’m a singer, I like to listen to some good music with drinks, and I can recommend to go to Cobblestone in Smithfield Sq and The Celt in Talbot St for trad music, Arthurs Pub in D8 for blues and jazz, Bernard Shaw Pub in Camden for alternative music, Gypsy Rose Pub for rock & blues music.

Your favourite restaurant in Dublin? Why?
The Art Café’ in Gardiner Street, just behind the Custom House. It is a small restaurant and café’, with amazing paintings on the walls. Every month they display a different artist and there is great music every weekend. I like the atmosphere there as you feel like at home in your living room. The staff is so friendly and I love to go there for dinner with my friends or even just for a mocha

How would your perfect day in Dublin look like?
If it’s raining I love to visit the museums. My favourite is the National Gallery and it is free! They have few Caravaggio paintings which are stunning! If it’s sunny I’m going to go to the park with my friends and a guitar. The evenings are all for singing with my band “The Jaffa Cakes”!

What should people not miss when visiting Dublin?
An Irish gig at the Cobblestone Pub in Smithfield Square. It is one of the oldest pubs in Dublin and it has that very Irish atmosphere: you will find locals there coming in for a pint and sing along to the Irish traditional songs. Sometimes, you can even see the whole family, grannies and nephews included, playing the violins!

What are your favourite spots in Ireland?
I just recently went to visit Malahaide and its castle for the first time. Malahide is a small, colourful seaside town just 20 minutes by train from the Dublin centre. It’s castle has a big garden and a…ghost! Also, make sure to visit Howth, just little bit further down the coast. It was one of Dublin’s harbors in the medieval period, and today is charming village. There is the best Fish & Chips in town and the cliffs are just amazing!

Where should travellers go after Dublin & why?
I suggest to take the train to south and do a trip along the coast from Howth to Bray. Amazing sea views!

Irish expression everyone should know before coming to Ireland?
“Good Stuff!!!” used when something is really cool 😊