Meet our Staff – Roxanne

Name: Roxanne
Age: 28
Where are you from: Åhus, Sweden
Hobbies: Going to concerts, traveling and a bit of reading

Favorited country you have visited: Hands down, Australia. An amazing country with a breath taking nature.

Why is it your favourite? For a lot of reasons, one being the 6-day trip I did from Alice Springs to Adelaide where I got to have cereal and toast (true backpacker-style) while watching the sunrise over Uluru, visiting a kangaroo orphanage, sleeping under the clear starry sky in a sleeping bag and telling ghost stories on Halloween around the fire place. Truly a once in a lifetime trip.

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If someone else is travelling there, what should they see? Obviously, do not miss out on the outback, but a must is to travel along the east coast. I started in Cairns and made my way down to Melbourne, and there is so many incredible places to see – from driving a 4×4 on the biggest sand island in the world, white water rafting in Queensland, learning (well, trying) surfing in Agnes Water, kayaking in Byron Bay – and seeing dolphins, whales and turtles. And that is not even half of it!

Dream destination you would like to visit next? Why? I actually want to explore my home country Sweden, I have seen more of Australia then home, so my dream trip would be to go up to the north and see the northern lights, the mountains and Treriksröset (Three-Country Cairn) where Sweden, Norway and Finland meets. One day – I’ll go!

Your favourite bar /pub in Dublin? Why? I love the Cobblestone in Smithfield, a nice traditional pub with live trad music inside with a real cosy feeling to it – only about a 15 minute walk from Barnacles!

Your favourite restaurant in Dublin? Why? The absolute best burgers in Dublin is at a place called Wow Burger – they have a place in a pub called Workman’s on Wellington Quay, 5 minutes away from the hostel – or a proper restaurant on Parnell street. They give you looooads of toppings included AND they have garlic butter fries. Can’t lose!
How would your perfect day in Dublin look like? For a sunny day, I would bring a picnic to Phoenix park (one of the biggest parks in Europe) where you also can hang out with the deer(!). In the late afternoon, head to a pub for some food – most likely Murray’s Pub which have, in my opinion, the best fish and chips! There is also 2 other pubs attached to it, and partly outside. Evening time, I would head to a stand up gig in one of the pubs around, Comedy Crunch at Stags Head is a cool spot!

What should people not miss when visiting Dublin? Don’t miss out on the Little Museum of Dublin, right by Stephens Green (lovely park as well!) where they tell you the story of Dublin and have loads of cool things to see!

What are your favourite spots in Ireland? I love Cliffs of Moher, every time I go, it is as amazing as the last time. The cliff walk from Bray to Greystones in Dublin is also a lovely walk and a bit closer to home!

Where should travellers go after Dublin & why? Get on a bus to Killarney in County Kerry! Beautiful part of Ireland, with a major national park, a waterfall and lovely trails around and in the city is this little pub called The Shire Bar which is this cosy Lord of the Rings inspired pub with great food. They have a tasty cocktail called Kings of Gondor, and also Bilbo’s Beer!

Irish expression everyone should know before coming to Ireland?
“Thanks a million” or “thanks a mill” – you will hear this all the time, everywhere! 🙂