Meet our Staff – Petra

Name: Petra
Age: 28
Where are you from: Croatia
Hobbies: cycling, martial art kendo, tv shows, comic books/graphic novels

Favorited country you have visited: Prague, Czech Republic

Why is it your favourite? Prague is a perfect mix of historic and modern city, it’s a beer capital of Eastern Europe and the people are really nice.

If someone else is travelling there, what should they see? Get lost in the little medieval streets in Old Town, visit Cathedral (it’s pretty impressive piece of architecture), check out the oldest medieval astronomical clock in the world or just enjoy one of many Czech pubs with a bottle of Kruševice.

Dream destination you would like to visit next? Why? My dream destination would be Japan. It has fascinating culture, history and it’s a home to many martial arts, including kendo. My dream is to learn from Japanese sensei (there are some sensei who are over 80 years old and still doing kendo everyday) and to visit the shrines and temples. Oh, and I heard the sunrises are pretty awesome there!

Your favourite bar /pub in Galway? Why? That’s a hard one… I would say O’Connolls. It has pretty awesome beer garden. Inside, you will find shelves filled with cool old stuff, like really old beer and whiskey bottles and other pieces of history. And they serve probably the best Guinness in town.

Your favourite restaurant in Galway? Why? The Pie Maker is a cool restaurant with very yummy pies.

How would your perfect day in Galway look like? Sunny day, having a couple of craft beer pints in Salt House, then take a walk down by the canal just enjoying the sun and the river. Ending the day in Dungeons and Donuts, with a nice donut and a board game.

What should people not miss when visiting Galway? Definitely visit Tig Coili for a round of traditional Irish music and great pints. Do the Prom – walk to Salthill and kick the wall at the end. Free walking tour is great also!

What are your favourite spots in Ireland? I just moved to Ireland so I didn’t have a chance to explore much. I visited Connemara and it was absolutely breath taking. For a peace of heaven, visit Coral Beach.

Where should travellers go after Galway & why? Follow the Wild Atlantic Way and explore all the beautiful destinations West Coast has to offer.

Irish expression everyone should know before coming to Ireland? “What’s the craic?” is my favourite one. The craic is a term for fun but it could mean so many things, like ”What’s up? How are you?”