Meet our Staff – Monica

Name: Monica
Age: 31
Where are you from: Argentina
Hobbies: Photography, Music, Nature, Animals, meeting new people around the world

Favorited country you have visited: Dominican Republic

Why is it your favourite? I might say the beautiful Caribbean sea is one of the best things that I’ve ever seen/been to. Swimming there around starfishes and clear blue water/white sand makes you feel like you are in paradise. Plus, nature is all around, I used to ride a bike and a motorcycle and went explore inside the jungle paths and the amazing villages in town… so dreamy!

If someone else is travelling there, what should they see? They should go to Las Terrenas and Las Galeras to visit the most beautiful beaches. Go to the Haitisies National Park, Cayo Levantado and Samana waterfalls… you will fall in love with those landscapes!

Dream destination you would like to visit next? Why? Probably Hawaii since it’s a dream I have since I was a kid. I would love to learn how to surf and see the fantastic pacific ocean sunsets while drinking some mojitos!

Your favourite bar /pub in Dublin? Why? I really like going to Cassidy’s because of it’s atmosphere and music. I love The Grand Social too, there are some cool bands that play live music. The Globe is a very fun club to go with friends if you want to dance till late in the night.

Your favourite restaurant in Dublin? Why? Cornucopia at Wicklow Street as I’m a vegetarian and they have some good stuff

How would your perfect day in Dublin look like? Going to Iveagh Gardens (park), going for a coffee, walk around the city (especially on sunny days), and at night going for a pint and meet some new people/travellers around!

What should people not miss when visiting Dublin? Feeding the deer at Phoenix Park! Going to Dublin Castle, Dublin Botanical Gardens & St Stephen’s Green park, to name a few things.

What are your favourite spots in Ireland? Cliffs of Moher made me feel so amazed, Malahide castle is the perfect spot (you can even make a picnic next to it if you want), Howth and Wicklow are up there as well as my fav.

Where should travellers go after Dublin & why? I just visited Berlin and I can say is a beautiful place, lots of history and I was surprised by the many options for day time activities (and night life too!). There is art everywhere, best graffiti I’ve seen are in that city, that’s a fact!

Irish expression everyone should know before coming to Ireland? What’s the craic! If someone asks you What’s the Craic this means: What is up? It’s used as a greeting in Ireland. Also they say: Whats the story? Meaning: is there any news? Is someone says “Whats the craic with tomorrow night?” This means “whats happening tomorrow night”. Usual answer: Pints!

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