Meet Our Staff – Arthur

Name: Arthur Hauya
Age: 32
Where are you from: Malawi
Hobbies: Reading, Travel, Watching football and Socializing

Favorited country you have visited: Vietnam
Why is it your favourite? The country presented a culture difference from an African prospective. The people were amazing and welcoming.

If someone else is travelling there, what should they see? There a couple for things you can do, War Remnants Museum and My Son temples were favourite. The Remnants Museum will give you the history of the war in Vietnam. The Hindu temple of My Son is one of the oldest temples in Vietnam and it represent a history of the Hindu religion in Vietnam

Dream destination you would like to visit next? Why? Brazil! Brazil have a rich history culture which can be traced back to African’s early travellers. I would also like to visit Iguazu Falls in Brazil and Argentina, one of the wonders of the world, to compare them to the beauty of Victoria falls in Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Your favourite bar /pub in Dublin? Why? I really don’t have a favourite bar in Dublin, my going out depends on the mood. When l fee like Irish music l usually spend my time at the Old Storehouse, which plays good Irish music and the atmosphere is good.

Your favourite restaurant in Dublin? Why? The Old mill Restaurant is my favourite because of the its variety of traditional Irish cuisines. I would recommend trying the Guinness stew with mash potato.

How would your perfect day in Dublin look like? My perfect day starts with a train ride to Howth, then I would do a cliff walk in Howth and have lunch at the Dog House. Head back into town for a few pints with some friends at J.W Sweetmans. After than, Stags Head for a comedy show and some craft beer  or possibly Porterhouse. After a few pints a boggie is a must, so I usually end up in the Bad Bobs or Globe for a bit of dancing.

What should people not miss when visiting Dublin? Dublin have so much to attractions to offer, I would recommend visiting the Guinness storehouse, the Jameson Distillery and because I’m a whisky man, the Whisky museum. It is a good place to hear the Irish whiskey history. If you’re not a big beers and whiskey fan, Dublin also offers lovely parks such as the Phoenix Park, St Stephen’s Green and the Botanic gardens.

What are your favourite spots in Ireland? Howth and Greystones are my favourite spots in Dublin.

Where should travellers go after Dublin & why? Galway! Galway is lovely small city with a lot of attractions to offer. When in Galway, you are only a bus ride away from the beautiful Cliffs Of Moher and Connemara!

Irish expression everyone should know before coming to Ireland? “Come here to me!” It doesn’t mean you should physically go anywhere, it just means listen to me when I try to explain something! 🙂