Meet our Staff – Amy

Name: Amy
Age: 26
Where are you from: Toronto, Canada
Hobbies: Photography, travelling

Favorited country you have visited: I’ve travelled quite a bit but I’d have to say probably Egypt

Why is it your favourite? It was cool to see something in person that I had only ever seen and read about in books

If someone else is travelling there, what should they see? The great pyramids, Abu Simbel, and the Valley of Kings.


Dream destination you would like to visit next? Why? Next on my list, is probably Switzerland, I’d really like to go skydiving. Either that or I really would love to see Turkey.

Your favourite bar /pub in Galway? Why? The Front Door on a Thursday, because they have a really good DJ. Darcy’s bar is another favourite of mine. Staff are great, and they have some good live music usually as well.

Your favourite restaurant in Galway? Why? I would have to say probably Caribou, because they have the best burgers, and their Halloumi fries are amazing!

How would your perfect day in Galway look like? Perfect day in Galway would have to be a walk along the promenade and getting an afternoon pint.

What should people not miss when visiting Galway? Definitely don’t miss the free walking tour, and kicking the wall in Salthill!

What are your favourite spots in Ireland? My favourite spots I’ve been to in Ireland would probably be Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland, and Connemara!

Irish expression everyone should know before coming to Ireland? Craic, because you will literally hear it everywhere!