Reasons to make your next holiday a Galway Holiday

Wondering where to go next? Have few days of holidays left over and all the emails from different airlines promoting sale are tempting you to book your next getaway? Well… look no more! You will obviously go to Dublin, enjoy its pubs, sports, city life, culture and Guinness but you should also go to west and explore West of Ireland (and Wild Atlantic Way), even if just for a little bit! So let us explain why your next holiday is a Galway Holiday! 


You have probably heard that Galway is a festival Capital of Ireland. There is festival dedicated to anything you may enjoy – arts, music, books, surfing, horse racing, oysters, cycling, hiking, running and so much more! But if you can’t really find a festival that would really work for you, don’t worry! Buzz on the street will be awesome whatever day of the year you are here! 

Beach & activities 

You don’t necessarily think of Ireland when thinking about beach getaway, but you are wrong! Few minutes walk from Barnacles Galway you will find range of beaches, some sandy, some pebbly, all perfect for relaxing  with an ice-cream and a swim! Yes, swim! Don’t forget to get adventurous with your sea-outings and check with our reception about kayaking, windsurfing, surfing or stand up paddleboarding! If beach isn’t your jam, grab a bike and cycle around. Go and explore natural beauty of this part of Ireland with one of the hikes through forests and national parks. 


It really shouldn’t be surprise that Irish seafood is among the best in the world. There are festivals year round dedicated to different sea deliciousness –  Things like Dublin Bay Prawn Festival or Galway Oyster Festival are just some of them! So, if you like seafood, this is the place to visit! 


If you travel from Dublin to Galway, you will notice that pubs change ever so slightly. They have way more “local” feeling. They have far more trad sessions, and “banter” with locals is a little bit more natural. You may here people talking Gaelic. We can promise, you will love the experience! Wonderful thing is, the pubs may feel a little bit more “local” but don;t be fooled! Weather you are into modern Irish Whiskey, local gin, craft beers or something a bit more traditional, they will have it all! 

Medieval History

It’s not just fun & games, Galway is all about medieval history and tribal stories! Take our free daily walking tour and learn more about it! Trust us, there are gems here just waiting to be uncovered! 

Cliffs of Moher

Breathtaking Cliffs of Moher should be on your must-do list for Ireland. They are the most visited natural attraction in Ireland, and it is really not hard to see why. At the highest point, just north of O’Brien’s Tower, they reach 214 metres or 702 feet high, which is, we are sure you’ll agree, pretty high! 


For an awe inspiring scenery, you want to go to Connemara. Perfect for hikes, walks around the lakes or exploration of megalithic court tombs 4,000 years old! There are daily tours to Connemara taking in a lot of the sights, just book at reception! 

The Latin Quarter

You of course want to stay in the heart of it all! Barnacles Hostel Galway is located on the Quay street, lovely pedestrian area dotted with traditional pubs, great restaurants, amazing nightlife and quirky shops. Traditional weekend market is around the corner from our Galway hostel every Saturday. Did we mention there is nightly pub crawl, in case you wanted to meet other backpackers and go a bit “mental” together? You will love Galway, we promise!