How to make friends when backpacking

If you are backpacking on your own, or in a group and looking to meet new people, hostels are the great way to do do so! Of course, sometimes you just want to chill out on your own, which is perfectly fine as well, but the best travel stories we have ever heard involved random people, unplanned activities and unknown places… This is why you want to stay in hostels when backpacking and looking to meet people:
1. Dorm rooms – the easiest way to strike up a conversation with someone is to just start talking to people in your dorm! You will be sharing living quarters with them, might as well get to know them a bit! If you have been backpacking for a while, you know how usual questions of “where are you from” and “where are you going” get to be very boring very fast, maybe mix it up a bit! We are sure you are far more creative than that!

Barnacles Hostel Dublin
Barnacles Temple Bar House Hostel Dublin

2. Common room – always great place to meet people, especially as many other travellers will be in the common room for the exactly same thing! We suggest asking ‘where are you off to tonight’ or ‘have you done pub crawl yet’ as a sure fire ways to make new friends and have a great time. IF you know how to play an instrument, just give it a go, chances are you will have someone joining you in a sing-along very soon! We have instruments and games available in common room, just waiting for you to make a use out of them 🙂

Barnacles Hostel Galway
Barnacles Galway Hostel

3. Dining room & kitchen – they say that love goes through stomach, but same can be said for friendship! Make some extra food and share with your new friends, make use of our free pasta nights to meet other people, or just ask your potential new friend where they got their food – chances are you will get good food tips and make friends at the same time!

4. Friendly receptionists – it is not unheard of that receptionists sometimes go out for drinks with hostel guests (ahem, sometimes might be a bit frequent but you know, we are hostel people after all…), and since receptionists are people who actually live in city you are trying to discover and usually know all about what is happening and where to go, your first mission should really be to have a chat with them and get some recommendations – if they are going out, they will be happy to bring you along, we guarantee it!

Sexy staff at Barnacles Temple Bar House Hostel Dublin

5. Tours – both of our hostels in Dublin & Galway have loads of tours with special negotiated rates (cheaper than if you book elsewhere) and chances are, many of your hostel buddies will be on the tours as well – ask at reception which tours have few people from hostel signed up and go for it. Also, we guarantee that going for a pub crawl in the evening (every night, both Dublin and Galway) is THE BEST way to meet people, make friends, have fun and go a bit mental, as they say in Ireland 🙂

6. Free walking tour – this is no-brainer! Offered every single day, several times a day in both Dublin and Galway, only for backpackers – you get to meet people like you and get to grips with history of the place you are at. Just do it, you can thank us later!

Dublin hostel free tour

Go on now, have fun! For perfect backpacking experience in Ireland, make sure to book both Barnacles Hostels Temple Bar and Galway and get 10% discount!