How to… best advices and tricks :)


Stay at Barnacles hostels in Dublin and GalwayOk, we went looking around the world (well, around youtube anyway) for the best travel, packing and living life advices. This is selection of our favourite tips. Read on about how to fold your shirts, do party tricks or opening can of coke without getting splashed!


How to fold T-shirt in under 5 seconds?

This one is WOW! Just WOW! How did we not know about this before??? This will potentially save you hours of packing! Wooop!


How to get beer cold in 2 seconds?

Perfect for any party you will ever go to!


How to make a paper that shoots elastics?
We won’t tell if you won’t 🙂


How to tell the difference between an unboiled and a hard-boiled egg?

So simple… so valuable… Just remember to do this when you are going through your fridge at 3 am and not sure if those pesky eggs are boiled or not…


How to open a shaken can of cola without getting splashed?

Works on other shaken cans as well…


And finally… 10 bets you will always win!

These are some of the best party tricks around 🙂 Stun your friends, win some beds, get free pizza… whatever you prefer. Just send us photo of your jet set lifestyle!

Hope you enjoy it! Now, fold those shirts, pack your bags and go and impress your friends with that awesome tricks we just though you! And make sure to show us your newest trick next time you are here!


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