How to hostel?

If you are just getting ready for your first trip, or have never stayed in hostels before, this is your guide on how to hostel! Hostels are great, budget friendly way of getting around the country, continent or the world for less! Hostels are also great hubs of activity, perfect meeting spot and place where you will meet friends for life from all corners of the world.

  1. Pick perfect hostel for you

While we have hostels in the city center, surrounded by restaurants, bars, traditional pubs and quirky shops (which is what we love)-  this might not be ideal for everyone. Check out hostels in your destination and pick based on your requirements for location, common areas, in house party vibe, meals included or whatever is important for you!


2. Use kitchen in the hostel

The best way to save money is to make (some of) your meals yourself! Bag yourself space in the hostel fridge and cook your own lunch or dinner in hostel kitchen – you will eat food you love and will spend fraction of what would cost you to dine out!

3. Earplugs and sleeping mask are your best friends

Unless you can sleep through an earthquake, get yourself earplugs and sleeping mask, especially when sharing dorms. Think about it – people will come and go at different times of day and night, some might snore, some might pack, some might go to bathroom at night… there will be some sort of noise in your room. Earplugs will save you from this, and guarantee good nights sleep!

4. No sex in dorms. Ever!

If you are travelling with your significant other,  you might want to stay in private room, rather than in dorm. We don’t really need to explain this one, do we?


5. Packing essentials – flip flops and sarong

Flip flops are not just for your summer beach holiday – they are perfect shoes to wear in hostel, especially if you are staying in one that has shared showers and you don’t want to step on the tiles! Sarong is the best thing ever invented by humanity – you can use it as post-shower cover up, dress it up or down depending on your going out needs, use it instead of towel at the pool or beach (and I have used mine instead of sheets in some of the hostels in Asia when cleanliness just wasn’t the thing) or million other uses!

6. Padlocks

Check if your hostel provides safety boxes or if you need to bring your own padlocks. We have padlocks for sale in hostels but that is not always the case – and there is nothing worse than worrying about your stuff when you are out and about!

7. Sharing is caring

This is so true in the hostels! Most of the places we have been to always had some common food to take, you can share your dinner with fellow travelers, maybe you have a guide book for the place they are going to next, contribute to book exchange shelf and so much more! Share what you can and you will get stuff shared with you!


8. Keep your expectations in check

Every now and then we hear complaints like – there was no telly in our dorm room and we just have to laugh! There is no telly in dorms for very obvious reasons and if you are paying tenner for your bed, maybe you should realize that you won’t have 5* comforts.  This is hosteling after all! There is telly in common room if you really have to watch Home and Away but otherwise, maybe going out, exploring and enjoying new destination is the way forward!

9. Dorm room etiquette

No noise after 11, no bags or packing from 11 till 8, be respectful to your fellow dorm buddies and most importantly, have fun!

10. Ditch the guide book

Cheat with other guests and receptionist about cool stuff to do, great places to see and fun that is perfect for you! We are all different so just going through one guidebook won’t really cut it for everyone! There is so much to discover wherever you, and your friendly receptionist or long term guests are your perfect source of knowledge!