How to have awesome Christmas when Backpacking in Dublin

Are you celebrating Festive Season in Dublin this year? Christmas can be a bit challenging when travelling, and not having your family around can be hard. On the other hand, you can have amazing time with your new friends in a new country, and that is always an adventure! Few years back, I have spent Christmas in Thailand celebrating in bikini and Santa’s hat, having drinks and chocolates from morning, as tradition would dictate (I loved it, but my friend had very hard time going though the day without Christmas dinner). Here are our tips for awesome Christmas when backpacking in Dublin, and please, feel free to let us know any tips you may have!

Join us for Christmas Eve Party

Every year, we get a crowd together for Christmas Eve Party. Expect food, Kris Kindle, drinks and fun! This is the best way to meet your fellow hostellers, and if you are travelling solo, you will soon have a pack of people to party with!


Cook for your new Hostel Buddies

In Dublin, Christmas is fairly quiet with most of the pubs and shops closed (not all though, we will keep you updated on what is open to party on Christmas on our social media channels so make sure to follow) So, if you are hanging out in the hostel, why not offer to cook a meal? You may not be Nigella when it comes to cooking, but idea of doing something together, having food and drinks together, that is very Christmassy! And honestly, you should be able to make pizza from frozen or pack of pasta by the time you are old enough to travel on your own! Just don’t burn the house down, ok?



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Stay in touch with your family

The hardest thing about travelling is being away from your family & friends. So, make sure to have some time scheduled for a catch up! You might miss your drunken uncle Christmas antics, but you will feel like you were a part of family celebrations! We have free WiFi all the way through hostel so it shouldn’t be a problem to skype the world away.




Christmas can be hard time for many people, and if you are feeling lonely, maybe a good way to get over that is to volunteer your time with some of the charities working in the city? It is very fulfilling experience and you may make new friends while doing it.


Go to a house party

This might sound a bit odd, but hear us out. Many people will have house parties, big and small. Organisations like Internationals or sites like Couch Surfing and Meetup will list different things you could join up. So, do! Join up! It is a great way to meet people, have fun, and have a really authentic experience in the middle of the festive madness.

Go in the nature!

Wrap up warm and go for a hike! If you are lucky, you will have wonderful crisp day, albeit cold, for a hike or cycle up the mountains! Check out Wicklow or just have a stroll around Dublin.



Jump of the 40 Foot!

Are you brave enough? Jump off the 40 Foot and go for a swim in Sandycove! This happens every year as a charity event. It is cold and awesome!



Remember, Christmas is just one day of the year! If you decide to have an awesome time, meet new friends and do something  out of your comfort zone, you will have an awesome time! Festive season in Dublin, whole built up to Christmas is wonderful! Lights are glowing, fireplaces are on and mulled wine is flowing Рand it is pretty much the same after Christmas as well! Our Barnacles crew is here to make your time awesome!