Hostel Etiquette – or how to be a good backpacker

Packed your bags ad ready to go on an adventure? Awesome! Never traveled on your own before or stayed in hostel dorms, but determined to give it a go? Awesome! Travelling on your own is one of the most rewarding things you can do, it will open the doors to new cultures for you and you will meet countless new friends… If you want to make sure they actually like you, try following our good backpacker tips about hostel etiquette.

1 – Clean up after yourself

Your mommy should have tough you this one! You only have very limited amount f possessions with you, try to keep them neat in the dorm so other people aren’t falling over your luggage bomb. In the kitchen, same thing – just clean up after yourself and everyone will love you!


2 – Keep the noise down

You don’t want to be awaken at 3am by people having loud conversations about the best night of their lives, do you? So make sure to keep it quiet in dorms when other people are sleeping. It’s cool to have fun and chat, and sing and everything during the day, but at night, we all want to get some sleep, don’t we?

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3 – Don’t have sex in the dorm

Seriously, don’t. You can absolutely be more creative and figure out the way to have your international romance that doesn’t include disturbing other people.

IMG_2357 (1)

4 – Pack up a night before

If you have an early flight, take extra 10 minutes night before to pack. That way you are not disturbing anyone in the morning, you are not making noise with your plastic bags or coursing at the top of your voice because you can’t find your favorite t-shirt. It happens to all of us.


5 – Be social

Just say hello! Both of Barnacles hostels have comfy common rooms where your fellow travelers will socialize, and its very easy to make friends! Think of it as your responsibility though – if you are just sitting down in the corner not talking to anyone you might not get far, but if you need help in getting out of your shell and starting conversation, try going to some of group tours – like free walking tours or pub crawl – these are awesome to make new friends

Or, start your own activities and see how many people will join up… This all sounds like great fun, doesn’t it?



6 – Keep in touch with your friends!

It might be easy to make new friends, but make sure to keep in touch with them! Chances are, you might be doing more travelling in the future, so could they, and you all could end up having great time again on the other end of the world. With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks, you should be able to keep a track of your buddies and plan new adventures together! Use #barnacleshostel tag for photos you share and we will make sure to add them to our albums as well!


7 – Be nice

it’s that easy! Sleeping in dorm is like living with bunch of flatmates, so just be nice to them, respect their private space and their stuff. Clean up after yourself and don’t do any of the things that might disturb you if your dorm-mates were doing it. Now, go and make new friends!



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