Hostel cooking guide

Yes, you are travelling and staying in hostel, but that is no excuse to live off junk food or spend fortune on meals out on a daily basis! Both Barnacles hostels in Dublin and Galway have fully equipped kitchen so make sure to use it! You don’t have to be kitchen wizard or cook up the storm, hostel cooking is about small comforts that hit the spot when needed 🙂

If you want something extra special for breakfast, try this:

French Toast in a mug:

french toast in a mug

Get some butter in the mug, microwave it and just swirl it around the mug. Grab some toast (free at breakfast time), cube it, and stuff your mug with it. In a separate cup, mix egg, vanilla or cinnamon (whatever and as much as you like) and few spoons of milk. Put this mixture over your bread cubes and microwave around 1-1.30 on high. Enjoy your mug brunch!


Mac and Cheese in a mug:

First, cook pasta – take roughly 1/3 of a cup of pasta, put some water over it and microwave it. Best to do it in 2 minute intervals and stir in between until pasta is cooked. Cover cooked pasta with shredded cheese and 1/2 cup of milk. Microwave until melted. Grab some spices off the spice rack and go mental. Nom nom nom nom

Remember, there are FREE pasta nights in both hostels – just sign up at reception!



While we are talking about cheese, do you know how to make gooey goodness that is grilled cheese sandwich? Easy! You need toast, cheese and butter (and anything else you might want to put in like ham, onions, tomatoes…).

Take toast and butter it from both sides. Take a pan and heat it to high. Put one slice of buttered toast in a pan, stack some cheese on the toast, and cover with 2nd buttered slice of toast. Once the first slice is brown to your liking, just flip the sandwich over and get it browned on the 2nd side as well! Result is gooey melty cheese dripping from your buttery crust. We would like some bacon with this please. Thank you

You do know how to make a salad, right?

And we also found this recipe, for the crowd pleaser in you:




Time to get cooking in hostel children!