Great Value Restaurants in Dublin

For a lot of our guests staying in hostel is a great, convenient and cheap way to stay in the heart of Dublin and spend money on other things.. like experiences or amazing food! Let us help you with our selection of the great value restaurants in Dublin. These are all located few minutes from us, and will help you plan your budget for next visit better!

1 – FREE

Free food is the best, isn’t it? We have a free pasta Monday nights in Barnacles Temple Bar house. If you are staying here with us on Monday, make sure to get free dinner, gather your (new & old) friends and then head out for a pub crawl! Feel free to bring some wine to the dinner for even better deal!

2 – Nearly free

If all you want is just nearly free food, head to Spar or Centra (on the corner of Dame Street) and grab chicken fillet roll. This will be filling (albeit not the healthiest) lunch for under €3!
3 – Lunch for a fiver

If you have few extra euros to spend for lunch, we have few excellent options for you! First is Bison Bar, only few minute walk from us on Wellington Quay serving up take away sandwiches for €5! Pick from pulled pork, brisket or sausage sandwich and enjoy! If vegetarian lunch is more your thing, Umi Falafel on Dame street has hummus sandwich for €5 as well. You will get Lebanese bread with hummus and 4 toppings (tomato, fresh cucumber, cucumber pickles, aubergine, red onion, pickled turnips or lettuce). KC Peaches on corner of Dame street has delicious lunch options, and you can pick & mix for a perfect taste from only €5 as well! If you didn’t want to spend too much on lunch – these are all great, filling & cheap options!

4 – Early Bird dinner

Most of the restaurants will have some sort of Early Bird, Pre-Theater of Table D’Hote menu available for you to try. Keep an eye on the timings of the service (these are usually served before 6.30pm). These are really nice and fancy places – perfect if you want a treat but still not breaking the bank! Some of our favorites around Temple Bar are FXB – famous for its steaks, Clever East – celebrity chef dining for incredibly good value or Morelands Grill some of the best steaks and seafood we tried, fine dining but no fine dining price tag! Make sure to book as early bird seating can be fairly busy. But food will be more then amazing!


5- Just Great Value Staples


Make sure to go for a burger to Bunsen Burger, just on our alleyway. This is busy place, but burgers are worth waiting for. 777 on Georges street has Sunday special where all dishes are €7.77 – awesome if you like Mexican food! Cross the Liffey and go to Wallace’s Taverna in the “Italian Quarter” for great student deals. For weekend Brunch, try Brother Hubbard – their avocado eggs are awesome.

If at any time you need some help, just chat with our reception staff. You will get the best recommendation for the veggie places, pubs, pints, music, burgers, food and more! Our staff is awesome, they really know Dublin and are very happy to help! Check out our Dublin Hostel in Temple Bar if you need more info.

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