Geocaching While Sightseeing in Dublin

Awesome folks of www.PeanutsOrPretzels.com blog have stayed with us recently, and agreed to share one of their posts with us. They have really cool blog you should check out, especially if you are not sure if hostelling is right for you. Or if you just want to read about amazing places they visit. We are slightly jealous 🙂

Geocaching While Sightseeing in Dublin, Ireland

By Josh & Liz – www.PeanutsOrPretzels.com

Our most recent venture to Europe included the beautiful country of Ireland, and we were so excited to finally get to explore this beautiful country.  We started out in Dublin and mapped out our plan for sightseeing well in advance.  We also downloaded a list of Geocaches so that we could do a bit if Geocaching in Dublin along the way.

We had several locations that were a must, and one of our first stops was the Molly Malone statue in the center of town.  We were staying at the Barnacles Hostel in the heart of the Temple Bar district of Dublin, which is a short walk to the Molly statue.  As we left our hostel, we made a quick stop to grab our first Geocache in Dublin.  This was a *micro cache, just outside the Barnacles Hostel.  We signed the log and moved on to Molly.

*Micro Caches are very small caches great from city hiding.  No bigger than your pinky finger nail, it is a magnetic metal container that is only big enough to carry a log only.

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Logging the cache

peanutsorpretzels tell us about their stay at Barnacles hostel

After visiting Molly we headed up to one of the most popular destinations in Dublin, Trinity College.  This is where the famous Book of Kells is kept safe.  We had signed up to take an inexpensive tour of the college, and to visit the beautiful old library; which holds the precious book.  On our way into the college we stumbled onto a cache at a monument, that was cleverly hidden across the street.  After grabbing the geocache, we headed over to the college to meet a Philosophy Professor for our guided tour.

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Getting a “Smiley” while sightseeing around Beautiful Dublin


After a full day of sightseeing all over Dublin, we wanted to end the day on a high note, so the Guinness Storehouse was our final tourist destination. This attraction is by far one of the best breweries that we have ever been to.  It is thorough, interactive, HUGE, and includes a couple of pints of Guinness at their Gravity Bar, which provides panoramic views of the city.  Definitely a must visit!

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Once we finished at the Storehouse, we discovered that there was a cache close by; just around the corner from the main entrance.  So we head out of the storehouse and turned the corner to see their famous St. James’s Gate.  After snapping a couple pictures of the gate we searched for the cache.  It took a bit of time, and there were some muggles (non-caching folk) that we had to carefully avoid, but after a while we finally found the geocache.

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Have a rest and discover a geocache.

Geocaching was great addition to our sightseeing in the city of Dublin, and really any city in the world.  We had a plan to go see these sights anyway and we were able to include geocaching along the way.  It is nice when you can get off the beaten tourist path, but sometimes the caches are right in the middle of your path anyway!  Geocaching is a great way to add a little extra excitement in between the sights.