Game of Thrones Locations

Ok, who else is excited about new season of Game of Thrones coming our soon? We can’t wait to see what happens… and who manages to survive by the end of the season! If you are a true fan, road trip around Ireland visiting some of the Game of Thrones locations is a must! There is plenty of filming sites to visit, and they actually look really nice without swords wielding knights or fire breathing dragons. Nothern Ireland is certainly Game of Thrones territory! You can get one of the tours to take you there from Dublin or rent a car and do it yourself! Some of the Game of Thrones locations you shouldn’t miss are:

The Dark Hedges in County Antrim – The Kings Road

Castle Ward, County Down – Winterfell

Probably one of the most famous locations in Game of Thrones, and where it all started. If you want to go for the full experience, while you are in the castle you can dress up and practice some archery!, probably while screaming “winter is coming…”

Ballintoy Harbour

Set sail across the seas to the home of infamous Ironborn. While you are there, go for a walk across Carrick-A-Rede bridge! 

Inch Abbey

Where the war of five kingdoms began…

Mourne Mountains

These mountains have been inspiring writers for very long time – they were inspiration behind CS Lewis’s Narnia. They are also mythical lands north of Winterfell. 

Murlough Bay – or, as you know it, Slaver’s Bay

If you are interested in doing self-driving itinerary check this out and you can read more about Game of Thrones locations here . With day tours from Dublin, this is a trip every fan should be doing right now! Check out tours on our reception when you are here next!