Galway Walking Tours

Galway is compact enough to easily do it on foot as well. There are few companies doing walking tours in Galway, but if you missed out on that maybe you want to fashion your own Galway Walking Tour and tick off some of the cultural sights while you are there?

You will pass by LOADS of pubs and restaurants as you go along, and the great thing about doing Galway Walking Tours by yourself is that you can stop off for a cheeky pint or delicious fish and chips whenever you feel like it… Try to include some of these in your walking tour:

Lynch’s Castle

At the junction of Shop Street and Upper Abbeygate Street is Lynch’s Castle, a 16th-century castle which was heavily altered in 1966 when it was converted into a bank. The exterior preserves some of the few remaining Irish gargoyles as well as the arms of Henry V11, the Lynch family and the Fitzgeralds of Kildare. The stonework of the windows is of good quality. In the ground floor, historical material dealing with the castle is displayed.

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Home of Nora Barnacle

The Nora Barnacle House, Bowling Green, Galway was built in the 1800s. The smallest house in the street, its accommodation consists of two rooms and a tiny backyard. The house was derelict for much of the past two decades, until in 1987 it was purchased by Mary and Sheila Gallagher who restored it to its turn of the century condition and opened it to the public. Since then, thousands of people have visited this important landmark in the lives of Ireland’s most famous writer and his wife, Nora Barnacle.

Quay Street

Quay street is home to some of the best and most know pubs in Galway! Enjoy trad music session in The Quays, fish and chips in McDonagh’s and pints in Tigh Neachtain… Dotted with craft shops, boutiques and Claddagh jewellery shop this is the best little street in Galway!

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Spanish Arch

Those from near and far have heard about Galway’s Spanish Arch. Located where Galway’s River Corrib meets the sea, this is a tranquil spot. The remainder of a 16th-century bastion, the Arch added to the town’s walls to protect merchant ships from looting.

On a nice sunny day, this is a busy place with people enjoying a picnic, catching the sun, music and looking out to the harbour. Bliss!

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Galway City Museum

Located beside Spanish Arch, Galway City Museum has three floors of exciting exhibitions engaging visitors in the archaeology, history and sea science of Galway. The attraction is one of Galway’s most popular cultural hotspots and welcomes over 200,000 visitors per year.

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Collegiate Church of St. Nicholas

This church is located in the medieval centre of Galway city. The building of the church dates back to about the 1300′s and was built in honour of St. Nicholas of Myra. It’s a unique building, as it holds the title of being the biggest medieval church in Ireland that’s still in use. It has a lovely craft market in front of it every weekend as well!

Galway Cathedral

The building of the Galway Cathedral began in 1958 and the Cathedral was dedicated in 1965. The Cathedral was actually built on the site of the old county jail. The copper dome can be seen for miles and almost everything used in the building was sourced locally

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Happy Exploring!