Festivals in Ireland you should travel here for

We have an idea! You know what you should do with all the money you saved on Black Friday, cyber Monday, Pink Thursday or whatever else there was? You should wisely invest in travel! We have collected below our favorite festivals in Ireland that we are looking forward to in 2019, and we are sure you would enjoy them too! Don’t forget, you can get tickets for festivals and most of the major gigs on Ticketmaster, making it really easy to get tickets from abroad!

Ready? These are festivals in Ireland you should spend money on, pronto:

Temple Bar TradFest, Dublin

One for the Trad music lovers! Taking place around some of the most iconic and historical venues in Temple Bar, this festival is a reason you should visit Dublin in January! Taking place in January, this is Ireland’s largest festival of traditional music.

St Patrick’s Festival

St Patrick’s Festival is rightfully legendary, and you MUST experience it at least once in your lifetime! Dublin is organizing 5 days of festivities with the massive parade on the St Patrick’s Day itself. Be prepared to have a manic weekend if you are here for Paddy’s Day.

Sea Sessions

Venture out to Bundoran for one of our favourite festivals – Sea Sessions. You get music, BMX competitions & surfing, in a small festival by the beach. We love it every year! Ask our receptionists about hostels in Bundoran (or anywhere else in Ireland really, we travel a good bit ourselves)

Forbidden Fruit Festival

What’s better than a festival? Oh, a festival in the city centre! You can walk back from the festival if you had to (or take public transport, obviously)! Music, food, comedy tent, all is there, and all are close to city centre! With awesome headlines over the past year, make sure to keep this festival on your radar!

Bram Stoker Festival

Celebrate Bram Stoker and all things that go bump in the night at this unique festival! Taking place in Dublin, you can expect Halloween parties, horror expo, scary parades, vampire-themed events, and so much much more! If you like dressing up, you have to be here for this festival!

So which of the Festivals in Ireland will you come over to see? Make sure to book a hostel in Dublin  if you are coming over! We are in awesome locations, and some of these festivals literally happen around us! Wouldn’t you love to experience that?