Essential Dublin Phrases

It’s always good to know how to talk to locals in their own language – for Dublin, there are some very specific phrases you should know. Believe us, when it comes to making friends and having leisurely chat with local,  these are more useful than having Póg mo Thóin on your T-shirt! So, lets see what are 9 most essential Dublin phrases you need to know:



Hello, how are you?

2. The state of yer one

She does not look very well.

3. Deadly


4. Keep sketch

Please make sure no-one sees what I am doing.

5. G’way outta that

I don’t believe you.

6. Scarlet for ya

I am embarrassed on your behalf.

7. Relax the cacks

Please calm down.

8. Nice one


9. Stall it for a jar?

Would you like to come for a drink?


Mind: BLOWN!

Now that you know how to talk to locals, head down to a pub and have a great night out! Because, no good story starts with “Once when I had a salad…”

dublin at night