Dublin Street Art

When you think of Dublin, Street Art might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but you are wrong! Complete rejuvenation of the city has brought some amazing talent out, and more and more places are being decorated with amazing graffiti.

You don’t have to venture far to see some of this amazing art!

Temple Bar has Love Lane & Temple Lane, adorn with some great art:

love lane dublin

templebar3 templebar temple lane


Dublin likes a bit of motivational graffiti as well:


By81gylCQAAhTf6 street art By9VFnrCAAAPjbq


And sometimes, we graffiti Ulysses all over our buildings as well:


blooms hotel

You would be hard pressed to walk around Dublin without seeing some cool street art, but we definitely recommend to check out Bernard Shaws (one of our favorite going out places as well, with GREAT mojito) and Yamamori on the Quays (if you are in the mood for sushi…)


street art


And we will leave you with the absolute gem of a graffiti and one of the best examples of Dublin Street art:

dublin street art

We have honestly barely scratched the surface of wonderful street art you can see all around Dublin! Cameras ready and go & explore!