Culture night


It’s hard to believe we are already in September! But, as we are (and thankfully, summer is still here), we are delighted that another Culture night is just around the corner – get on your marks as 19th September is the day! Last year, we had a great time with free circus workshop in Galway, checking out Freemasons lodge in Dublin, free art workshops and so many exhibitions around both Dublin and Galway it is absolutely impossible to visit all in just one night.

You need to have a strategy for Culture Night! Start off with getting a program and knowing what is on! You can download culture night Dublin program here, and Galway here.

What you end up doing will, of course, depend on your own preferences, but if we may throw few suggestions in…

Culture Night Dublin

The Ferocious Mingle on Camden Street is a cool place to visit on any day or night, but they will have special performances for the day and you will get to see what resident artists there do on a day to day basis. If  words bohemian steampunk mean anything to you, this is the place you have to visit, no excuses!

TOG – into making stuff or life hacking? This is the place for you! They will showcase some of the past projects, which can only be awesome!

The Gaiety School of Acting – try out acting class for free! You will know very fast if you have a shot for Hollywood or should you stick to your day job (sorry!)

White Lady Art – will have live painting on the night with some cool DJs making sure you are having a great time. This is excellent gallery to visit any day, do not dare to miss it on the culture night.

The Dublin Buddhist Center – intro do yoga, meditation, chanting and much more, all for free! Great if you need to relax after busy day walking historical streets of Dublin

Dublin School of Flamenco – because if not now, then when?

Freemasons’ Hall – there will always be a big Q for this one, which should come as no surprise to anyone. Freemasons’ Hall is covered in mystique and not freely accessible during the rest of the year…

It is very hard to pick, and with nearly 200 venues taking part in the Culture night this year, you need to plan what you want to check out. Again, full program and map is here!


Culture night Galway


Wonderful World of Circus – How could you miss circus workshops???

Galway Film Center – they will screen a selection of live-action and animated shorts from around Ireland – this is excellent way to get deeper into the Irish culture, and discover what lurks beneath the surface

Computer and Communications Museum @ NUIG –  if you know what we are talking about when we mention Daleks, you will LOVE this robot exhibition

Town Hall Theatre Gallery- if you are interested in street art, check this out for live painting demonstrations on mixed media

Load’s more is on offer, so make sure to check the program out and plan your perfect Culture night in Galway!