Books that will inspire you to travel

If it’s miserable and rainy outside, why not cuddle in with a nice book and a cuppa? Read one of these books and we are sure you will forget all about weather, money, and all other worries, and you will be booking your tickets for new adventures. Make sure to visit Barnacles hostels in Dublin and Galway on your travel through Ireland. We are like, awesome đŸ™‚

‘The Beach’ by Alex Garland

You are probably familiar with this tale from the movie – British backpackers’ search for paradise on earth. It has inspired whole generation of gap travellers to go and chase after their dreams.

‘Vagabonding’ by Rolf Potts

Book that is designed to inspire. You can live cheaply but have rich experiences. Has loads of great quotes from travellers like you (and us). If you don’t have a major case of Wanderlust before you read this, you will after. Be ready.

‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho

Alchemist is very simple and easy to read story about personal journey, but also about the world of travel. We felt urge to visit Pyramids immediately after reading it. Very warm tale about search for one’s dreams. And travel. A lot of travel.

‘On the Road’ by Jack Kerouac

This book should come with a health warning aimed particularly at those in their formative years: proceed with caution, you may never be able to settle in one place again. And you might take up hitch-hiking.

‘A Year in the World’ by Frances Mayes

“Two of my favorite words are linked: departure time. And travel whets the emotions, turns upside down the memory bank, and the golden coins scatter.”  Read about travels through Spain, North Africa, Portugal, France and Turkey

‘The Geography of Bliss’ by Eric Weiner

Part self help guide, part search for happiness around the world: Are the Swiss in better spirits because they live in the most democratic country in the world? Do the oil-rich citizens of Qatar find joy in all that cash?

‘The Good Girl’s Guide to Getting Lost’ by Rachel Friedman

Backpack vicariously with Friedman’s coming-of-age travel memoir about the year she spent plane- and train-hopping across three continents.


Go get inspired!

Go travel!

See you soon đŸ™‚