Best way to break ice in hostels

Recently, we asked you very simple question – what is the best way to break ice in hostels & make friends while backpacking? You all answered, and very simply theme emerged early one… secret to breaking ice and making friends is… sharing!

Sharing! food and drinks, life and travel stories, laughing and dancing, adventures and road trips, silly moments, crazy nights out followed by hangover breakfasts.. and of course (cup)cakes šŸ™‚
Thank youĀ Svetlana , where are those cupcakes again?

KikiĀ  agrees… “Yes, sharing! Food comments … asking for advice

Barbara tells us “A girl was asking for ear plugs.Ā Loud people in your dorm can be an advantage-at least as an indirect ice breaker

Orla suggests, very simple “Are ye heading out tonight??” We are big fans of that one, because you get all the local tips from people who have been in the place you are visiting a bit longer, and you get to make friends to go out with at the same time.

If you haven’t made plans to go out, just join our pub crawl! We run it every night in both Dublin and Galway, and trust us, you will meet loads of new friends by the end of it!

Also, make sure to join in our hostel activities! We have free pasta dinner on Monday nights in our Temple Bar Hostel (bring a bottle of wine and share it with your new friends perhaps?) – free food and free booze are, in our long backpacking experience, the best way to make friends hands down. Keep an eye on other activities in the hostel – movie nights, board game nights, yoga, invite someone to a cook off or battle it out on the twister!

Sharing is the way forward, isn’t it? Now, where are those cupcakes…