Best comedy in Dublin

Irish are well know for their sense of humor and “gift of the gab” so why not visit some of the coolest comedy nights while you are in Dublin? These are usually inexpensive, taking place in the pubs close by to us and guarantee great fun! Best comedy in Dublin can be found at:

International Bar

The International justifiably lays claim to being a true Dublin Joycean pub. The greatest writer the world has seen ensured he mentioned the International in his seminal work on Dublin, Ulysses. This place deserves a visit even if you are not attending an event – it is a wonderful pub with original Victorian features and great pint of Guinness. Since the first night of The Comedy Cellar in 1988, when a bunch of chancers got allowed to try this comedy lark in the upstairs room at the International Bar, comedy has gone from strength to strength here.

There are 2 events to check: The Comedy Cellar, every Tuesday & Wednesday @ 9pm and The International Comedy Club with Aidan Bishop as MC , on from Thursday-Sunday.  They have two shows on Saturdays. One at 7:45pm and another and 10:15pm. Thursdays Fridays and Sundays are 8:3opm.

Stags Head

Wonderful pub with loads of events! Mondays are Comedy Crunch and Fridays & Saturdays The best Traditional session in Dublin City. On the last Wednesday of every month experience THE BROWN BREAD MIX TAPE with plenty of stories, music and poetry and don’t forget about Ukulele nights on Tuesdays!

Comedy Crunch is hosted by Colm McGlinchey and Danny O’Brien and it always has a lineup of great comedians. It’s on three days every week and has free entry an you get free ice cream. How can you beat that????


One of our all round favorite pubs has awesome comedy night every Monday as well! Check out Cherry Comedy for full info.  Some of the best up and coming talent are regularly on as well, and they’re joined every week by someone doing their very first gig. You also never know who’ll show up, as Foil, Arms & Hog along with Des Bishop have arrived on stage unannounced a few times. well worth the €5 of your hard earned cash!

Enjoy your night of comedy in Dublin! These places are only short walk away from our Temple Bar hostel, so if you are looking for a bit of laugh, this is the list to try!