Backpacker Hostel Tips

You have never stayed in hostel before? Not sure what hosteling and backpacking is all about? Let us help you! Barnacles Hostels have been around for over 20 years so we can offer a tip or two on how to be a best backpacker you can 🙂 

Barnacles Backpacker Hostel Tips:

Pick hostel close to attractions you want to visit. That way, you won’t have to track back home far and there is less chance of getting lost in the new city you haven’t been to before. Location is probably not something you should compromise on, it will be better for you in the long run.

Temple Bar

Hostels usually have dorms and private rooms – dorms are great for solo travelers as you get to meet whole set of new people and are brilliant for those travelling on the budget. You usually get to pick from smaller or bigger dorms – bigger tend to be cheaper but you are sharing with more people so there is likely to be a bit more noise in the room. Private rooms are ideal for couples, as they are far cheaper than hotels, but still with all great hostel facilities added in. 


Talking about hostel facilities – we include breakfast free of charge for everyone, WiFi is also included, you can book discounted tours, get free walking tour and there are free pasta nights and board games nights organised as well. We might even have a gig on.  Check what hostel you are staying in is offering in terms of entertainment, especially if you are solo traveler and looking to meet people 


Hostels are great places to meet people! Try cooking your lunch or dinner in the communal kitchen (and sharing it with people you just met!), go for free pasta night, go to pub crawl, go to free walking tour of the city or even take one of organised tours – these are all great for meeting new people! You will find really fast that you are never really alone even when travelling solo. 


You know why hostels win over hotels? WiFi is free. Well, at least its free in Barnacles hostels 🙂

Be nice to your dorm buddies! Nobody want’s to be awaken by sound of bags being packed or sex. Respect your fellow travelers! Same goes for cleaning – hostel workers are not your mother, clean up dishes after yourself! 


And most importantly – don’t forget to have fun! And remember, if you had a bit too much fun and broke some of the backpacking rules, apologize to people! We have all (probably) been there! 

After your first hosteling trip you will be hooked, we promise! You will want to travel far and wide and see the world with nothing more than just your backpack on your back. And that is the way it should be. Hostels are the best!

Happy Backpacking