Arthur’s Day

This year, on the 27th September, Guinness is taking the magic of Arthur’s Day to every county in Ireland with 500 pubs hosting Arthur’s Day celebrations.

There’s no need for tickets this year, just grab some mates and head to one of over 500 free Arthur’s Day music events.
If that wasn’t enough, we’re giving YOU the chance to bring an internationally renowned artists such as
Tinie Tempah
Ellie Goulding
Amy Macdonald
Fatboy Slim
Professor Green
(& more to be announced soon!) to YOUR local pub! Simply go to https://app.voteforyourlocal.com/ and vote for your local pub & you never know who might run through the door on Arthur’s Day!

Irish acts performing on the day will include Picture House, Mundy, Walking on Cars, Dove, The Vals, The Rapparee, The Bonnevilles, The Heads of State, Ard Ri, Midnight Graffiti, Fiddlers Green, Ruaile Buaile, Willie Byrne, Gentry Morris, Shane Butler, Jaker and Brush Shiels

For a list of free Arthur’s Day events across Ireland, go to www.Guinness.com/ArthursDay

Barnacles Arthur's Day