Amazing hot chocolate places in Dublin & Galway

When it gets a bit cold, dreary and miserable outside, there are few things you can do to lift your spirits… free yoga in our Dublin hostel is one, irishing up your coffee is another, but what really hits the spot this time of the year is a loving mug of hot chocolate. Melted goodness is a must, marshmallows are always welcome and if you are really looking for a treat, ask for coconut milk with your melted chocolate for an instant bounty bar like warming mug. 

Best Hot Chocolate places in Dublin:

Cocoa Atelier

Defo place to visit if you want proper awesome chocolate pralines and the best macaroons in town. Also place to visit for the hot chocolate which is done properly, by melting chocolate and not with syrups and whatnot’s. Nom nom nom


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Brick Alley Café

Just around the corner from us, this lovely place is also knows as one of the best hot chocolate places in town. Grab the seat in the window for a bit of cosy people watching!


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KC Peaches

Just down the lane from us, you will find KC Peaches. Grab hot chocolate (you can add flavor shot if you will!) and take it upstairs for one of the best views over Dame street! 


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The Sweetest Thing

If you have a sweet tooth you probably know about this place already! Amazing milkshakes, waffles, coffee and of course, hot chocolate! Located just across the river from us, this will be your go to place for treats of all kinds! 


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In Galway, check these hot chocolate places out:

Cupan Tae

One of the nicest places for a cake, old fashioned afternoon tea, hot chocolate or even its healthier version made with Roiboos tea! 

 The Secret Garden

Not just for lovers of the tea, The Secret garden has a lot to offer to hot chocolate lovers as well. Like this beautiful creation: 

Mocha Beans

Traditionalal, great hot chocolate, perfectly served with some of the other treats they have like perhaps a pie? 


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All these places are only minutes away from our hostels in Dublin and Galway! Ask at reception for the personal recommendations on whatever you are into – hot chocolate, craft beer, gin cocktails, silent discos, falafels or hikes. Our awesome stuff is here to help!