Hurling game

Hurling Infographic

Hurling is a game that should be watched by any visitor to Ireland. Played with a stick (known as a hurley) and a ball (known as a sliothar) it is played both in the air and on the ground and is often very confusing to the uninitiated! Played between villages, towns and Counties throughout most of the year, it is the All Ireland Senior Hurling Championship that is the most fought after. From now until September, Counties will play each other to see who will gain the honour of being this years All Ireland champions and getting to lift the Liam Mac Carthy Cup!

So make sure to see at least one game when visiting Ireland and you can learn more about the game from the interactive info-graphic below. Whilst covering the history of the game, the sport around the world and who are the best counties in Ireland, it also has videos and descriptions to explain how they play and what exactly is going on! Hover over, click buttons and amongst all enjoy this cleverly put together explanation of the game beloved by (almost) all Irish.

We quite like this infographic, hope you do too!

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