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Get spooked out in Ireland this Halloween!

The Emerald Isle is known as being one of the most haunted countries on the planet with many of the world’s most famous supernatural characters and stories finding their roots in the tales told across the centuries by our ancestors around Irish peat fires on dark, dank nights. Each wave of human culture from the Celts to the Protestant ascendancy has left a mark when it comes to the haunted history of this city. It is this diversity which makes Dublin’s other-worldly folklore so fascinating.

Variety of spooky walking tours is taking place between 26th and 31st October:

The Hellfire Club Tour: – visit the burnt out shell of the Dublin Hellfire Club which stands out by its lonely self in the Dublin moutains. This tour delves into the depths of the 1700s when Satanism and the occult were well and truly alive in Dublin.

The Gravedigger Tour: – Ireland’s only 4D tour, professional actors, 4D effects and the most amazing haunted bus you will ever see. An unmissable theatrical experience.

The Northside Ghost Walk – A serious exploration of the history and paranormal activity along the foreshore of the Northside of the River Liffey

The Haunted History Tour – Get locked in to the most haunted place in Dublin and see if we can’t get you an experience with the paranormal in there!

The Black Tale – Follow your guide, John Brien through the liberties, and let him take you back to a time when 1/3 of Dublin families lived in a single room, over 1000 prostitutes loitered around the alleyways of Dublin and whiskey and spirit drinking cursed the nation.

The Haunted Spooktacular – From the terrifying Tunnel of Horrors through to the lifelike exorcism, this is 10 acres of fear. Darkness, confusion and a whole army of…creatures…are waiting for you out there in the wilderness…

And if that is not enough for you to get spooked, there is Bram Stoker festival taking place with loads of spooktacular entertainment!



The Galway Aboo Halloween Festival takes place in the medieval streets of Galway’s Latin Quarter from Friday 26th to Sunday 28th of October 2012. It is the country’s largest Halloween Festival and plays host to a number of activities and free events so promises to be a superb weekend for all ages.

The festival commences on Friday night with the ‘The Dead Arise’ from 8pm, where unsavoury supernaturals emerge and take over the nearby streets and windows of the Latin Quarter.  On Saturday you are invited to get you’re your best fancy dress for a huge Halloween carnival party.

From 2pm on Sunday, the kids are invited to the Latin Quarter for their own fancy dress party followed by trick or treat and Halloween games on the streets. In the evening there will be a re-enactment of Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ with a twist!


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