Green Travel in Beautiful Dublin

Green travel and eco-tourism are terms that become more and more relevant with each passing day. Ireland and especially Dublin are some of the best destinations for that thanks to their rich history of green, environmentally friendly and sustainable choices. What’s green about Dublin? Just about anything, from transport to the food. Thus if you’re looking for a green travel location for your next trip, Dublin is a very appealing option and below are many reasons why.

Let’s begin with transportation. There are eco-cabs which offer ride to the city centre free of charge for certain hours every day. These cabs are actually emission-free and although the rides they offer are short-distance, they are better than renting an electric car. If you’re looking for alternate options, moving around the city by electric bicycle is a great way to stay green and explore on your own (options here: greenaer, easymotion, biboobikes, ciebike, goelectric). They say Dublin is one of the best cities in Europe for bikers.

So, how should one go about getting to know Dublin and exploring it? As we mentioned using a bicycle is a great way but there are also many eco-tours. These usually last a whole day and help you learn so much about the city. They are usually carried out on top of vegetable oil fuelled buses and are usually free of big crowds, allowing a more tranquil and memorable experience. Some of them also leave the city to visit attractions that are a bit further away such as Dalkey Castle and Bog of Allen.

Finally, one of the most important parts of all green travel is eating and shopping green. Dublin has an abundance of organic markets and vegetarian restaurants. There are so many food options in each of these that you won’t know what to pick from. A great example is the King Sitric Seafood Restaurant which has often been featured in articles speaking about fresh and healthy eating in Dublin. Another example is the Mermaid Café which offers the best quality of organic and vegetarian food.

All in all, Ireland has been known since the beginning of time as a place of immense natural beauty which is also what attracts a lot of travellers. Now, more than ever, natives and visitors are fighting to make sure it continues to be that and more while at the same time seeking sustainable options.