Colours of Temple Bar

Take a little walk with us around the famous Temple Bar. There are pubs, quirky street art, vintage shops with crazy murals, galleries, pop up restaurants, burgers, doughnuts, barber shops, hidden markets and so much more! Everywhere you go, you will be followed by Irish trad music. Sit in one of the sidewalk cafes or beer garden and take in the atmosphere, the sights, sounds, quirkiness that Temple Bar is. We have collected few photos that show colours of Temple Bar quite well (at least we think so)… so let’s explore! From contemporary art to bold graffiti, street art of Temple Bar just jumps at you! 

While not in Temple Bar itself, Dame Lane, located just across the street from us must be one of our favorite going out places! Summer is especially great as all pubs just turn into street party… and colours are fantastic! 

And one fairly random but spot on sign from the quays:

Come and explore colours of Temple Bar for yourself… who knows what you’ll discover!



Wonderful colours of Temple Bar!

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