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Best pubs to see Traditional Irish Music in Dublin or Galway

Traditional music is one of the most exciting and rich elements of Irish culture. It is really not old-men game as you may think. It’s exciting, ever-evolving, embraced by modern musicians who added pop, rock, dance and electronic components, experimented with new rhythms and generally had lots of fun. Today, a new wave of acts […]

Wild Atlantic Way

It is called Wild Atlantic Way for a reason! A one-of-a-kind adventure and the road trip of a lifetime, the Wild Atlantic Way’s stunning 2,500km stretch of coast offers all this and more. Let us help you out with some of the highlights in Galway and region around! Take your time, go for a hike, […]

Cycling in Dublin

Dublin is one of the Europe’s friendliest cities for cycling, and it’s easy to see why. You can reach one side of the city to another in 30 minutes, 120 miles of cycle routes in Dublin and successful Dublin Bike scheme with over 550 bikes and 44 drop off points all contribute to raising popularity […]