Barnacles Galway hostel on a sunny day

Ben stayed 2 months in Barnacles Galway Hostel. He tells us why :)

Ben, one of our guests has just checked out, after he spent past two months with us in Barnacles Galway! He calls us his Irish family (this makes us all warm and fuzzy inside)

We asked him what he liked about Galway, and why did he decide to stay with us.

Did you know we are just next to Salthill promenade? And that Spanish Arch is less than a minute walk from us? If you want to know more about free things to do in Galway or even things to do in Ireland, make sure to check out our blog and events pages 🙂


Barnacles Galway hostel on a sunny dayStay in Barnacles Galway Hostel to see the best things to do in Galway


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